• 4K Gateway

    Discover new possibilities for streaming content in any resolution over unlimited distance. 4K Gateway expands the potential of film post-production, scientific visualizations and computer aided design.

  • 4K Gateway

    Deliver high resolution content efficiently and cost-effectively with 4K Gateway, a portable device for low-latency real-time transmissions of multiple high-definition video streams.




Real-time low-latency streaming of (un)compressed video content up to 3D 4K over unlimited distance. Ultimate quality streaming for film post-production, scientific visualizations and computer aided design.


As 4K, the next generation of video resolution, comes of age, media organizations face the challenge of efficiently and cost-effectively delivering a more immersive, engaging visual experience to demanding audiences. To address the need for high-quality and reliable transmission of high resolution content, CESNET and its partners proudly introduce the MVTP-4K Modular Video Transfer Platform.

4K Gatewayis a rack-mounted device for low-latency real-time transmissions (4K30p contribution with JPEG 2000) of multiple high-definition video streams from HD, 2K up to 3D 4K over the Internet. From remote collaborative film post-production, the streaming of live events in Digital Cinemas to eLearning in medicine, this advanced technology overcomes bandwidth constraints to provide a truly flexible and efficient distribution platform for high-end content.

4K Gateway has been developed by CESNET in direct partnership with ACE, an independent post-production company, and Visual Unity, a leading broadcast and multiscreen Systems Integrator. This successful collaboration has enabled CESNET to test 4K Gateway directly in its key target markets, sharing knowledge and best working practices to make the breath-taking image quality of 4K native resolution more accessible.


  • Efficient remote collaboration on high-definition video content up to 3D 4K
  • Real-time streaming of live events up to 3D 4K
  • Very low latency of less than 1 ms plus networking delay
  • Operating over dedicated photonic networks or shared Internet
  • Transport of encrypted signal is possible
  • Lightweight, easily portable and deployable


  • Film post-production (editing, special effects or dailies workflow)
  • High-quality telepresence
  • Live streaming from events
  • Scientific visualizations
  • eLearning
  • Network performance arts
  • eHealth

Development of this product was supported by TA ČR under the POVROS project.

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